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A list of the works catalogued here

AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateJuly 18, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryGrian wants to work on this build, his wings have a different opinion.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/48666124
TitleNew Wings
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateJuly 25, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryI give Grian what I wish I could have myself.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/48851878
TitleGolden Wings
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateSeptember 21, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryMartyn has wings almost constantly, and has never really told anyone about them. Until recently
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/50236858
Title From dirty paws (and the creatures of snow)
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateOctober 24, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryA heavily self indulgent alterhuman high school au. No humans here <3.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/51083773
TitleGet me out of this body made of man
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateNovember 17, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryIn which Martyn slowly realizes that he’s always been a dragon, and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/51657007
TitleTheir dirty paws (and furry coat)
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateNovember 23, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/51789142
TitleHow lucky we are
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateNovember 27, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryThree siblings who are not what they appear, and how they’ve lost and found each other.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/51882721
TitleThe fluttering of all your wings
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateNovember 30, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryHow Grian learned he was a parrot, and met a few friends along the way.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/51942355
TitleEvery night I hear them howling (deep beneath your bed)
AuthorRen (ShatteredBlueFlame)
DateDecember 4, 2023
CategoryFan fiction
SummaryRen is nervous about telling Martyn some things about himself, and learns that he really didn't have to be.
Link to Workarchiveofourown.org/works/52035868
Descriptiona quick discussion on why MCYT 'kin are fictionkin
Authorbabydog (strawberrybabydog), Voxel(s) (warpedvoxel)
DateDecember 23, 2023
CategoryDescription or discussion of alterhumanity
Original Link to Workwarpedvoxel.tumblr.com/post/737511367949582336
Link to Mirrorvoxel.gay/arts/why-mcyt-kin-are-fictionkin
Titlelove love love love love fanon Grian
AuthorDragon of Voxel(s) (EnderIgneous)
DateFebruary 28, 2024
CategoryDescription or discussion of alterhumanity
Summarya quick ramble on the importance of fanon Grian to Dragon
Original Link to Workcohost.org/EnderIgneous/post/4783103-love-love-love-love
Link to Mirrorvoxel.gay/arts/love-love-love-love-love-fanon-Grian
Titlewhat minefolk even are
AuthorVoxel(s) (warpedvoxel)
DateJune 11, 2024
CategoryDescription or discussion of alterhumanity
Summarysome trends Voxel(s) have noticed among minecraftfolk
Original Link to Worktumblr.com/communities/alterhuman-community/post/752963692019236864
Link to Mirrorvoxel.gay/arts/what-minefolk-even-are