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Website FAQ

What is alterhumanity?

Alterhumanity can be defined in one of two ways:

  1. alternative experiences of and/or to humanity.
  2. an umbrella that brings together some similar, overlapping communities, such as:
    • otherkin, therianthropes, nonhumans, and transspecies people.
    • otherhearted, animalhearted, and fictionhearted people.
    • plural systems, tulpamancers, and daemians.
    • fictionkin, factkin, fictives, factives, and soulbonders.
    • anyone else who fits somewhere in or around these communities.

Who are Minecraftfolk?

Minecraftfolk, or minefolk, are alterhumans whose alterhumanity is linked in some way to Minecraft or to works associated with it, with stories from Minecraft youtubers and streamers being common sources. The -folk suffix is inspired by the word ‘fictionfolk’, which is a catch-all for anyone whose identity is from, or influenced in an alterhuman way by, works of fiction. It includes fictionkin, fictives, fictionhearted people, soulbonders, people with fictional hearthomes, and more. Minecraftfolk, by definition of Minecraft and associated stories being works of fiction, are in general a subset of fictionfolk.

What is this website for?

Our goal is to collect works about and from minecraftfolk, and to bring minecraftfolk together. We're looking for fiction, personal essays, drawings, videos, and anything else created by or about minecraftfolk. The site also acts as a hub for the minefolk community that spawned it: the Long Dream Support Group discord server.

Who runs this website?

The website is run by Voxel. We are Minecraft otherSpIn and have multiple Minecraft kintypes, fictives, and hearthomes. Our personal website is at voxel.gay.